Summer Weatherization Tips: Part One

Summer is here at last!

Due to social distancing, most folks are now spending much more time at home this summer, and plan to continue to utilize remote work plans for the indeterminate future.

While we have by now adjusted to wearing sweat pants during meetings with the boss and to transforming our kitchen counters into office desks, summer heat adds a whole new element we need to adjust to – if you relied on AC at the office during the daytime, you likely already feel the heat and humidity creeping up, and are dreading the late August temperatures of parts of your home.

In this series, we will go over some basic tips for how to cool your historic home, touching on architectural elements that you may not think of that are designed to help keep things chill- if your home was built before 1950, it likely already has many of these elements built in, just waiting for you to rediscover them!

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