Preservation Buffalo Niagara is the region’s only full-service, professionally staffed preservation organization, empowering Western New York communities to champion historic preservation as a means of creating a more culturally rich, vibrant, affordable, and sustainable community.


Preservation Buffalo Niagara cultivates our regions’ roots. We are the guardians to an unrivaled stock of residences and buildings that comprise Western New York’s unique architectural legacy. These treasures go beyond structural to enrich the physical, intellectual, and emotional well-being of our daily lives. As activists, our work is driven by a vision of the brightest future, one that’s born out of the strengths of our shared past. Propelled by members – people who understand the sense of place that history creates – Preservation Buffalo Niagara provides the leadership necessary to look beyond the here-and-now, and inspires the realization of the here-and-a-century from now. Open-minded yet pragmatic, we find common ground, while remaining steadfast and unwilling to abdicate our commitment to protect the legacy that sparks new growth in our diverse and dynamic communities.


With the strong leadership provided by PBN, Western New York has become a region that values and invests in its architectural legacy, prioritizes historic places in making
decisions about the future, and serves as a model and thought leader for the wider preservation movement.


PBN identifies, protects, and promotes our unique architecture and historic legacy, and connects people to the places they love in Western New York.



  • Protection of our historic resources. We believe that our historic resources are valuable and deserve to be safeguarded for future generations and will pursue all available options to reach this goal.
  • Community matters. We believe that the physical context in which we live our daily lives enriches our physical, intellectual, and emotional well-being. We are sensitive to the effects of our decisions on people and resources.
  • Positive change. Changing public perception and attitudes on the value of historic preservation is essential to the creation of economically healthy, affordable, vibrant, walkable, clean, safe and sustainable communities.