Sacred Spaces Assistance Program

Western New York is home to a wealth of historic religious architecture. These significant structures are not only architectural landmarks but play an important neighborhood role by providing community space and often public services like food banks, day cares, and group meeting spaces. Whether they are simple meeting houses or large cathedral-inspired structures, sacred spaces mark our skylines and anchor our neighborhoods.

PBN’s Sacred Spaces Assistance Program (SSAP) provides technical assistance to religious and non-profit organizations to pursue National Register listing as part of their work to preserve and rehabilitate their historic structures. The listing is a necessary first step in obtaining most kinds of funding for repair and maintenance.

Technical Assistance
SSAP will provide direct services to either:
    •Obtain a Determination of Eligibility for listing in the National Register
     of Historic Places; or
    •Prepare a nomination for listing in the National Register of Historic
     Places for properties determined eligible.

To be eligible for SSAP, the property must be:
    •Owned and occupied by an active religious and/or non-profit
     organization; and
    •50 years or older and originally built for religious use.

Note: Preference will be given to organizations with demonstrated financial need.

How to Apply 
SSAP is currently closed to new applications, as the program is at capacity with a full waitlist. If you have questions, please contact us via the form here. To keep up to date with our programs and events, subscribe to our weekly e-newsletter.


Sacred Spaces Assistance Program Guidelines 

Funding information for historic religious buildings

Case studies:

Case study – Corpus Christi Case study – King Urban Life Center




The Sacred Spaces Assistance Program is made possible by the generous support of the
Charles D. and Mary A. Bauer Foundation.