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We are working to re-orient our Grant Street work in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Ethically, proceeding with a standard long-term planning process as if everything is at it was in the middle of such a societal upheaval is, to say the least, murky at best.

At the same time, however, bad actors may take advantage of our community- we must be on our toes for common post-disaster tactics, such as when large corporations offered to purchase homes at prices deeply below value to turn into rentals during the 2008 financial crisis.

While it is difficult to envision what we want our community to be in 10 years when we are all making household emergency plans for the next 10 days, we must continue this work to preserve the strengths and assets of our community and to take protective preemptive steps, and we here at PBN will do our best to help with this process.

We encourage community members to continue to take our online surveys and participate in our online asset mapping exercise. Surveys will remain open until further notice- disregard any prior deadlines. All PBN workshops and gatherings are suspended until further notice, including our in-person asset mapping workshops.

Consumer Surveys:

Stakeholder Surveys:

Online Asset Mapping
Please take a moment to participate in our online asset mapping exercise– for technical help with this exercise, reach out to

  • Instructions:
    • Click on the square icon in the upper right of the map below to enter full screen mode, or click this hyperlink.
    • After entering full screen, click the blue hyperlink “Edit” in the descriptor box in the upper right.
      • For “I Love…” put a pin on things that you love about Grant Street
      • For “I wish…” put a pun on things that you wish you could change about Grant Street
      • For “I come to Grant Street for…” put a pin on things that bring you to Grant Street
      • For “I have lived on the West Side since…” put a pin generally near where you live (no need to be exact) and put the year that you moved there.

We are also going to start posting resources on this page to support hyper-local organizing efforts for block clubs and resources for our small businesses.

We remind everyone that many Grant Street small businesses remain open- in fact, much of what is in shortage in larger retailers like supermarkets is still readily available at our smaller grocers. Many small Asian markets across the country have reported a decrease in sales due to fears often steeped in racism.

Before getting in your car and driving to a supermarket, we highly recommend taking a walk with your list to the shops a block away. This is also an opportunity to talk with neighbors you see when outside and check in with them.

Always maintain social distancing practices and remain a minimum of 6’ away from folks outside of your household. Wash hands before leaving home and after returning home; leave shoes at the door. Sanitize product packaging using a mixture of 1 cup of bleach to 5 gallons of water. Do not mix bleach with other products- water and bleach is all that is needed, and mixing household cleaners can have deadly consequences.

Fresh produce does not require additional sanitization beyond normal procedures- but don’t skip those normal washing steps!

Important Note: Jericho Road Community Health Center is accepting donations of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE.)

Our health centers are still open and providing services during the pandemic. We need the public to help us keep our patients and medical team safe. If you have unused N95 or non-N95 masks, please donate them. If you can sew masks at home, let us know. Pattern for DIY mask is at We need adult-size face masks.

We are accepting donations of these supplies Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. at 166 Barton Street. If you are planning a drop-off, please email us at or message us via Facebook for further instructions.”

For more information about this call for action as well as updates on JRCHC’s current operations, visit JRCHC’s Facebook Page.

Link to larger flyer
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Resources for Consumers

Online Ordering: General Information

  • Call or order ahead for curbside delivery. Do not leave your car for curbside delivery services; runners will bring your delivery out to you. If on foot or on a bike, the procedures vary, but generally follow the same guidelines. Call ahead for exact details.

Grant Street Business Updates in Alphabetical Order


Open Operations*

*Please note, “open operations” refers not only to essential businesses that may still have open physical locations with social distancing practices, but also to businesses that may have closed physical locations but services available by other avenues such as their website or by phone.


Closed Operations


Resources for Business Owners

Small Business Administration Disaster Assistance

NYS Calls for Aid

Local Business Support Organizations

Other Resource Toolkits