Summer Weatherization Tips: Part Two

“Central air and heating requires lots of ductwork and large installations that ruin the integrity of historic homes”

“It’s impossible to properly heat and cool drafty old homes using central air systems.”

“Between maintenance, installation, and inefficiency, heating and cooling a historic home with central air will never be worth the expense.”

You have probably heard people tell you variations on these three common myths about historic homes. These myths are not spawned from thin air; folks share these sentiments because of negative experiences they have had, and these myths are also spread in miseducation campaigns by some sectors of homebuilders and renovators as a tactic to sell replacement products.

In this short essay by Carson Bear of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, he works with NTHP partner company Unico to rebuff these three common myths about heating and cooling historic homes- your home can be retrofitted with modern HVAC technology to keep you and your family comfortable all year round.

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