Planned Giving Spotlight: 246 Jersey Street

Earlier this year, PBN accepted a gift of property from long-time member and ardent preservationist, Paul Maine.  Mr. Maine gifted PBN the house he had owned for nearly forty years on Jersey Street, with the intention of ensuring that the house would be well preserved for future generations, and that proceeds from the house would go to support preservation in Buffalo.  

In accordance with the terms of Mr. Maine’s will, PBN is selling the house with a preservation easement attached, as well as listing it as a local landmark, which will give the Buffalo Preservation Board jurisdiction over exterior changes and any possible future attempts to demolish it.  The funds from the sale of the house will be used to ensure that Buffalo has a professional preservation organization far into the future by contributing to our endowment, and will support preservation programming such as our new Historic Homeowner Revolving Fund.

This legacy gift will have a huge impact on PBN and on our ability to provide local preservation services now and in the future.  If you would like to give a legacy gift to PBN, contact our office or your estate planner today – it is easy and it costs you nothing now, but you have the satisfaction of knowing that you will be ensuring that Buffalo has a strong, stable, professional preservation organization for generations to come. PBN can accept gifts of cash, property, or even of life insurance or retirement policies.  If your circumstances change, you can always modify your bequest. Gifts can either be unrestricted (we use the gift to support the organization as we feel it is most needed) or restricted (perhaps you would like to see your gift support the Sacred Sites Assistance Program or go entirely to the endowment or something else of your choosing).   However you choose to give, we’d love to discuss how you can help support PBN through planned giving.

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