Meet A Docent: Katie

How long have you been a docent with PBN?

I took the 2009 docent training and have been doing tours ever since.

What tours do you do?

I give the Queen City Downtown, City Hall, Guaranty and E B Green Tour de Force bike tours.

What’s your favorite part of giving a tour?

I love when people from cities like Toronto, NYC, Boston, London etc take a tour and get excited about seeing the architecture and learning Buffalo’s history. One man, who works for BBC radio in Toronto told me he has been visiting downtown Buffalo since the 70’s and thinks the architecture in Buffalo outshines that of Toronto.

What is your favorite fact about Buffalo/WNY?

I think that Buffalo being one of only two cities with representation from the three greatest American architects is my favorite fact about Buffalo.

What is your favorite building in Buffalo/WNY?

This is such a hard choice because I love so many of the buildings. City Hall would probably be it. It has such extraordinary detail. I see something new every time I visit. After that it would have to be the Guaranty Building, Shea’s and the Albright-Knox Art Gallery.

Why is historic preservation and learning about architecture important to you?

I think historic preservation and learning about architecture is important to understanding who we are and where we should be heading as a community. It’s part of the fabric that keeps us together. I’m also a product of the sixties where concern for the environment became a movement. Historic preservation would have to be one of the most beneficial recycling activities.

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