Local Landmark Application for Vaux Barn

Preservation Buffalo Niagara is dedicated to preserving our stories and creating a sustainable built environment for generations to come. One of Buffalo’s most influential stories, and one that has defined our city, is the creation of our parks system by Fredrick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux. Throughout the lifespan of the park, there have been many changes, not to mention the Kensington Expressway, but overall Olmsted’s vision is still clearly represented. But what about his partner, Vaux? Out of all the structures he designed for “the best-planned city in the world” only one remains today, the Vaux Barn at 1119 Genesee Street.

You can read the Local Landmark Application here to see the full historical context of this humble structure.


How can you help

Please email your letters of support to help@pbnsaves.org, it’s not too late to save Calvert Vaux’s influence in Buffalo!

We have submitted the local landmark application, and are currently waiting for the City to put it on the agenda.


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One thought on “Local Landmark Application for Vaux Barn”

  1. Jes Breathe Block Club Association has a MLK Jr. Park project, which includes the Vaux Barn. We have reached out to, the city, Masten District councilmember Wingo, Fillmore District councilmember Norkowski, Olmsted and your previous Executive Directors about having the Vaux Barn restored and placed back into MLK Jr. Park., as a educational Museum. We have the plans already drawn up by Anthony James, and have submitted them. Please assist us!

    Gina R. Davis
    President-Jes Breathe Block Club Association

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