Allied Mills Grain Elevator

The Allied Mills Complex is nominated for local landmark status. This complex, located north of Red Jacket Park at One Buffalo River Place, is a rare example of early 20th century industrial architecture and a testament to Buffalo’s rich milling heritage. The Allied Mills Complex is a visual landmark of the Valley and part of Buffalo’s unrivaled collection of grain elevators and mills that make up the established character of our city’s waterfront.  The complex consists of several interconnected buildings that reflect different phases of expansion and modernization, and together, they form a cohesive and impressive ensemble that tells the story of Buffalo’s role in the regional and national grain trade.

The State Historic Preservation Office in 2021 determined the Allied Mills Complex to be eligible for the National Register of Historic Places and, by extension, the historic tax credit program. The historic tax credit program would enable up to 40% credit on eligible rehabilitation expenses for restoration. Any demolition on the site would imperil the National Register eligibility status of the Allied Mills Complex and the historic tax credits that are likely required to make any reuse of the complex financially feasible. By designating the complex as a local landmark, we can preserve this site for future generations of Buffalonians and support our local economy.

The Common Council will then hold a public hearing and vote on the designation on November 8th.

Read the nomination here.

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