East Side Collaborative Fund

East Side Avenues is backed by a partnership with Empire State Development and a consortium of local philanthropic institutions, PBN will be overseeing, in conjunction with the City of Buffalo and community partners, the creation and implementation of an East Side Building Preservation Fund. The purpose of the fund is to establish a dedicated funding source to support stabilization of at-risk historic buildings in order to prevent having to deal with crisis-level building failures, or even worse, additional demolitions of the existing urban fabric in this part of our community.  This is an important step forward in more equitably distributing the benefits of community preservation across the entire City of Buffalo, and we are honored by the trust that Governor Cuomo, the University of Buffalo Regional Institute, and the local philanthropic community have placed in us to help preserve our historic legacy.

We would not have had the capacity to advocate and then take on this extremely important program, if it weren’t for the long-term and generous support of members like you.  Thanks to your belief in our mission and willingness to show your support through membership, you have made this moment possible, and are a key reason why this unique and important initiative has been created.

More information on program parameters and ways you can be involved will be available in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, you can read more about the entire East Side Avenues’ initiatives in the press release here.