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We are working to re-orient our Grant Street planning work in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Preservation Buffalo Niagara is engaged in a community preservation planning process for Grant Street as part of a larger community development and revitalization project initiated by Assemblymember Sean Ryan with funding from the State of NY, the John R. Oishei Foundation, and the City of Buffalo through Councilmember David Rivera.

Ethically, proceeding with a standard long-term planning process as if everything is at it was in the middle of such a societal upheaval is, to say the least, murky at best.

At the same time, however, bad actors may take advantage of our community- we must be on our toes for common post-disaster tactics, such as when large corporations offered to purchase homes at prices deeply below value to turn into rentals during the 2008 financial crisis.

While it is difficult to envision what we want our community to be in 10 years when we are all making household emergency plans for the next 10 days, we must continue this work to preserve the strengths and assets of our community and to take protective preemptive steps, and we here at PBN will do our best to help with this process. 

We encourage community members to continue to take our online surveys and participate in our online asset mapping exercise. What is the consumer experience like on Grant Street, particularly for current residents of the West Side- is there a business that you love? Do you feel crossing the street could be safer? Is there a vacant storefront you have an idea for?

Surveys will remain open until further notice- disregard any prior deadlines. All PBN workshops and gatherings are suspended until further notice, including our in-person asset mapping workshops.

Consumer Surveys:

Stakeholder Surveys:

Mapping Buffalo’s West Side During COVID-19
COVID-19 has reshaped our lives. Many of us are spending much more time at home; many others have suddenly found ourselves reclassified as essential workers and are working far longer hours than we expected we would be. All of us are adapting to our new reality, and thinking about what this experience will mean for our future.

With that in mind, one change many of us are making is the addition of regular walks in our neighborhood. We want to hear from our friends on the West Side of Buffalo about this!

What are you seeing that you never noticed before? What have you learned to appreciate within walking distance?

The Jane’s Walk movement honors and activates the ideas of Jane Jacobs, and encourages an environment where people choose to walk, not merely as a recreational option, but as a viable and enjoyable way to carry out basic everyday tasks, improve health and increase social cohesion. Can you design a Jane’s Walk based on what you are observing on the West Side? Similarly, CityLab recently asked readers to submit their “Maps of Life Under Lockdown”- can you draw or make a similar map of the West Side?

Please submit your walking-distance maps of the West Side to

Any format accepted- it can be a picture you draw, photos of 3D representations (like a neighborhood made with Legos), written descriptions, or recordings. We especially would like to see highlighted locations that you visit and value!

Any West Side residents who submit a map will be entered for a drawing of one of ten $20 gift certificates to the West Side Bazaar.

Online Asset Mapping
Please take a moment to participate in our online asset mapping exercise– for technical help with this exercise, reach out to

  • Instructions:
    • Click on the square icon in the upper right of the map below to enter full screen mode, or click this hyperlink.
    • After entering full screen, click the blue hyperlink “Edit” in the descriptor box in the upper right.
      • For “I Love…” put a pin on things that you love about Grant Street
      • For “I wish…” put a pun on things that you wish you could change about Grant Street
      • For “I come to Grant Street for…” put a pin on things that bring you to Grant Street
      • For “I have lived on the West Side since…” put a pin generally near where you live (no need to be exact) and put the year that you moved there.

Preservation Buffalo Niagara is also coordinating with the National Main Street Center and community stakeholders, particularly business and property owners on Grant Street, to develop a plan to match existing businesses with vacant storefronts.

For more information and to get involved with the stakeholder planning process, please reach out to