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March 21st, 2020

Stained and leaded glass windows are an important architectural features and unique works of art. And like any other architectural feature on your home, they were skillfully created and if regularly maintained can last for centuries. Join PBN and The Stained Glass Association of American (SGAA) as we learn about the different types of windows, how to properly maintain and clean, and identifying when you need to turn to an experienced specialist for repair or restoration help.

This presentation is intended as a primer for homeowners, providing information on how to be the best stewards of their stained or leaded glass windows. While it might include demonstrations on how windows are created, this will not be a hands-on workshop.

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March 28th, 2020

The Tuscarora Club has over 200 years of history. From its original architecture as a manor to the private bicycle club it became and its final days as a place for brunch and events. Its new owner, Dominick Ciliberto has a vision to turn it into a 17-room boutique hotel. It will combine originality with modern design and feature a luxurious event center; bringing the blast from the past back to its roots. Join us for a tour on March 28th and experience its past, its present, and its future with Dominick, his hotel marketing director and interior designer.

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