Fix It Friday: DIY and COVID-19 Considerations

We’re all itching to start our springtime home renovation projects, even more so than usual since we’re spending more time than ever in our homes. However, we should think very carefully and meaningfully before proceeding with any DIY projects at this time. All non-essential commercial construction, (i.e. any project other than those necessary to protect health and safety of building occupants) is halted until the NYS PAUSE order is lifted. This includes any home contractor work that will require more than one person on site.

For DIY-ers, folks are strongly discouraged against browsing hardware store shelves and asked instead to put orders in for pick-up by ordering online or calling ahead. DIY-ers are also asked to avoid taking any unnecessary risks with safety- a preventable accident that requires an emergency room visit is the last thing anyone needs when health providers are strained by the COVID health emergency. We also must consider the fact that personal protective equipment like n95 masks are badly needed right now by frontline healthcare providers.

The COVID-19 crisis does not mean fully putting off all home renovation projects- making small little fixes isn’t just a good way to pass the time, it’s also good for mental health, as it is a way to address little stressors in our lives. It instead means thinking carefully about what projects to take on at this time instead of jumping into DIY work on a spur, and proceeding with the level of caution and attentiveness towards safety that we should always be using. For example, consider putting off that bathroom remodel that will require a contractor and lead safety practices, but feel free to patch those holes in the drywall. This is also a great time to plan projects- make sketches, talk with members of your household, brainstorm, budget and research ideas.

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