Elevating Buffalo: Preservation Exploration Series

November 11: Wonder Church Silo – 1pm to 2pm

Do you know that Buffalo has one of the best collections of Grain Elevators in the country, if not the world! But how will these antique structures help Buffalo progress into the future? Join us and let us show you!

The Grain Elevators are a symbol of Buffalo, just as much as chicken wings, and harken back to a time of transformation, when Buffalo grew to become a colossal economic center and the largest grain port in the nation. As commerce and shipping patterns have over the years, these monuments to engineering seemed to be like tombstones on the Buffalo skyline of a prosperous time for our city. However, Buffalo’s grain elevators are more than just relics of the past, they are symbols of our city’s rich history and its promising future. Once the backbone of Buffalo’s economy, these engineering marvels have faced decades of neglect and decay. But now, they are being transformed into new uses that celebrate their heritage and revitalize the waterfront.

Preservation Buffalo Niagara invites you to join us for our “Elevating Buffalo” series, where we will explore the adaptive reuse of these iconic structures. Learn how preservationists, developers, and community members are working together to save these landmarks from demolition and give them new life. Don’t miss this opportunity to see how Buffalo is reclaiming its legacy and reimagining its skyline.

Tickets are $25 for nonmembers and $20 for members. Each tour will dive into different tactics and project with the elevators, click the links below to read about what tour has to offer and to purchase your tickets!

November 11: Wonder Church Silo – 1pm to 2pm




One thought on “Elevating Buffalo: Preservation Exploration Series”

  1. It would make a great project
    for students at the Boston Architectural Center. BAC
    —Injecting new life into those
    wonderful grain elevator structures. Reminiscent of the Bauhaus.
    I used to teach at the BAC.
    And can meet with the current
    faculty to spark an interest.

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